I look for abstract patterns and rhythms in the shapes and colors I capture from figures, found-objects, landscapes and architecture. I favor compositions that are strong and simple, and subjects that have a little bit of mystery.

I don’t invent things. I don’t try to make art. I just look for it and when I find a wonderful image, I grab it and dance with it a while. I don't need to make stuff up–there are so many wonderful images in the real world just waiting to be discovered, I want that joy of discovery. That's the real reason why I do this. I am an explorer first, and then a discoverer, and then I try to make my work a perceiving mirror.

The camera is a good sketchbook; I begin with that. I capture interesting images I find randomly in my world and then develop them. What comes out is neither photography nor painting; but something else, that comes into existence through the inner eye of mind and the alchemy of the digital media. I let the work express itself and I go along for the ride.

I walk out into the day, eager and willing, like a little kid chasing dragonflies. Never quite catching them, but sometimes catching that sense of wonder and discovery– that curiosity that every child has, and every artist reaches for.

about me...

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