I loved art and literature from an early age, encouraged by my father who was an unpublished poet and had wanted to be an artist, but coming from a Greek immigant family he could not dare to dream such a big dream.
I studied Fine Art in college and received a B.F.A. degree in painting and printmaking from the University of Texas at Austin. I married another artist, moved to the East Coast and gave up my art to support us both and put him through graduate school, just as a whole genertion of women like me did. He graduated from Yale Graduate School of Art & Architecture in New Haven Connecticut in 1967.

We divorced in 1968, and I wandered for a few years, searching for a life of my own. Altogether I traveled from Texas to Connecticut, to Minnesota, to Michigan, to Illinois, to Massachusetts, and to Miinnesota again a few times, and finally to Northern California, where I found my home at last.

I had other adventures. Some of them were painful, but most of them incredible and wonderful. Then, in 2007, I took up my art again.

I started over brand-new, with a whole new medium– digital painting and printmaking, and I felt like the luckiest person on earth. I was blown away to find that I had 40 years of ideas and discoveries, just wanting to be expressed, eager to be set free, and every new day, I discover more.


Now, three California careers later, I'm a writer, working on a memoir, titled, appropriately I think, Victory Is My Name. It tells the stories of some of those adventures. – July 2016

You're welcome to read some of my poetry at http://newpoets.darkhorsepress.com/spacebetween.html,

My personal blogs: "Writer To Writer" http://www.w2w.victoriachames.com
and "More About This" http://moreaboutthis.wordpress.com.

My chapbook, Inchworms - Sketches, Essays and Stories, Celebrating the Small Joys, Wonders, and Perplexities of Life, is available as an E-book at Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Kobo, or Smashwords.

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